Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just a peak...

So, as I promised, here is a peak into my accessories. Yes, I have a lot of them and will continue to collect. I don't have a ton of shoes, but jewelery, ah yes I have a ton of that. When we moved into this place, we did a lot of work painting and rearranging and I got to decide what to do with the second bedroom. I made it into an office/dressing room. It is pretty fantastic. I love having my own little space to do homework, write, talk to friends, and stare at my closet! Oh and of course admire my hard work of putting the room together.
This is where I keep my jewelery- or at least most of it!

I got this idea from True Whit and I am totally loving it. I think it looks fabulous.

Just some of my more delicate necklaces I didn't want to hang on the wall.

My Momma's bracelet that she gave me. She said she would never wear it again. It's so gorgeous!

I keep my shoes on display here also.

Just some wallets and clutches that I haven't been using.

My two favorite pairs of heels that I own.

One of my favorite necklaces: the light pink rock one. So beautiful and can be dressed up or down.

Yes, I am a ring lover. You can never have too many.

I counted all of my earrings: 94 pairs.

Hope you enjoyed my jewelery collection! I will have more images of the rest of my place soon to come. Hope the rest of your afternoon is beautiful!



  1. Love how you displayed all your jewelry! Not that you need anymore jewelry but just so you can actually buy Stella and Dot online too. Check it out.

    Oh, and my boyfriend is originally from Maine! He is from Wilton. I am hoping to make it cross country this year to visit the beautiful state. Where is Maine are you living? Do you like it?

    Have a lovely day.

  2. I just can't stop collecting jewelry, so I'll have to check out the site. My boyfriend and I live in Yarmouth. It's just about twenty minutes from Portland. I've lived here my whole life and absolutely love the state. Summer is so beautiful here and there are a lot of attractions here so I would definitely go cross country and visit here. However, the winter is too long and I cannot wait for warm weather!