Friday, February 25, 2011

Life has been pretty hectic the past 3 weeks or so I'd say. Brian and I had to move into a new place. It's only going to be for six months, but let me tell you we have decorated very nicely! I am impressed with our skills. We had to paint the entire place because it severely needed it- pictures will be coming soon, once every thing is painted and done. I love our bedroom though. It really has a nice getaway feeling with its light green walls and subtle lighting. I'm in love. So the apartment is coming along and we also have a fully stocked fridge (much needed)! I'm feeling pretty awesome right about now.

I haven't done an entry in so long that I don't even know what to write about! I've decided to write about my new obsession, well actually I have a few.

Being so busy this past month, I haven't felt like I have been eating very well and I guess I can thank Mister Bagel's cheddar jalapeno cream cheese. It is to DIE for. Amazing. I highly suggest everyone to just go in and get a bagel. Now that I have probably too many groceries, I don't imagine I will be having that cream cheese for awhile, but I think that is probably for the best!

"Dexter" is my new favorite show by the way. Besides the fact that he is smokin' hot, the story line is intriguing and never boring. He's a serial killer and a forensic scientist for Miami Vice. Crazy? Yes, but oh so fun to watch with Brian.

I've also been rummaging through the book shelves at Goodwill & Books Etc. These are both great places to find books. Here is what I found this week:

I got True Whit from Target for $13.99 and the I got the rest from $0.99 to $3.50. You can't beat those prices! 

I absolutely love, love, love my new vase I got from Home Goods yesterday. Oh, and it was only $12.00!  

This is my attempt at adding my own pictures to my blog, so hopefully they came out allright!

I cannot wait to post pictures of how my apartment is coming along. This will be in the next few days.

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