Friday, April 29, 2011

What's been on my mind...

So, yes I have seen Kate and William in numerous magazines and seen all of their pictures and blah, blah, blah. And finally, I had no idea that their wedding was going to be on TV last night until I was in line at the grocery store picking up a frozen pizza. It seems that everyone around me has been talking about it. I've seen news about it on blogs, on facebook, I mean really? Do people actually care that much? I don't really think I'll be watching the Royal Wedding, but I am almost positive that it will be re-playing over and over and over so I bet that I will be inclined to watch some of it.

Lately I've been feeling like I've been lost, almost as if I don't know exactly where I am going. Then I had a talk with my Mom and remembered that I am only twenty and that I don't really need to decide on anything yet, just go to school. Sometimes I feel like I am being held back because I work so much, go to school, afford an apartment, and I try to live, but I mean I'm sure that everyone out there would feel the same as I do. I guess I just need some more variety! I just feel like I'm stuck in this rut and I cannot get out of it unless I travel somewhere. Travel is something that I just need to get out and do. Oh and did I mention save my money for? But I have realized, after talking with my Mom that I have my whole life to travel and see the world and that I don't need to be a rush to do anything. I can take my time with what ever I feel. She always makes me feel better.

I'm just glad that Spring is finally here and the grass is green and I don't have to deal with nasty Winter anymore. That is probably the one downfall about living in Maine for me- I am not a fan of Winter. The warm weather always makes me feel better. It's hard for me to believe that I have the window open behind me. My kitty boos sure like it. And I love it.

I haven't done a post in a really long time and I feel bad that I have been neglecting writing. But, I think I will be doing it more often since I just bought myself a new Macbook. I saved for a few months and I feel really good about my purchase. I guess it's nice that I can go on the computer anywhere now, since I was so secluded to one room with my other lap top because the screen was broken and it only worked if it was hooked up to a monitor. It feels nice to sit in bed and write.

Once I get my school work done, well most likely after this week, I am going shopping. And I will buy some pretty fantastic summer dresses and skirts. I am compiling a list of the things I need and want. I'm sure that I will do a post of my "desired clothing". Hey, that's not a bad idea.

Have a lovely day.

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